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State bill could force school districts to allow recordings of IEP meetings


After a long discussion Monday night, the Columbia Board of Education denied a motion to allow parents to record Individualized Education Program meetings.

Policy KKB currently prohibits visual or audio recording on district property unless authorized.

Board of Education president Helen Wade voted against the motion. Wade said people act differently when they are being recorded.

"People do act differently, it's a natural response, it's a fear response," Wade said.

However, a local parent, Sara Rivera, said during the meeting Monday night she wouldn't use the audio recordings to make teachers look bad.

"On top of home schooling him, running a small business, advocating at the state level, advocating at the local level, and doing everything else that I do as a mom and a wife and a person I don't have time to splice together audio recordings to put on social media to make teachers look bad," Rivera

At the same time, a bill covering a similar issue is up for a third reading in the Missouri House House of Representatives. Under this act, no school district or charter school can prohibit a parent or legal guardian of a student from audio recording any meeting held under the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, or the federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

The measure also states that school districts and charter schools cannot require parents to notify the district or school of their intent to record a meeting more than 24 hours in advance.

The bill states audio recordings make by a parent or legal guardian will be the property of the parent or guardian, and will not be considered to be a public record.

There is not date or time set for the third reading in the House. However, since Missouri's legislative session ends on Friday, lawmakers have until the 6 p.m deadline to pass the bill or it will not become part of Missouri law.

Check back for more information or watch ABC 17 News This Morning.

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