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Columbia Public Schools

CPS parents can still make a decision for in-person classes if Monday deadline is not met


Columbia Public Schools' parents have one last day to decide if their children will attend classes in-person or online in the fall, but will be contacted if the decision is not made.

Community Relations Director Michelle Baumstark said the questionnaire will not close and family's will still be able to fill it out after Monday night.

"Anyone we haven't heard from we will be reaching out to directly, so if they have not completed it they can expect to be contacted by the school district," she said.

If parents do not decide after being contacted, students will be placed into the standard method, Baumstark said.

"However we are going to do everything we can to make sure we hear from every single family," she said.

Mayor Brian Treece released details on the mask ordinance, which requires all citizens older than 10 to wear a face mask in public or be fined. Columbia council members will vote on it at their meeting Monday night.

CPS parent Jennica Gomez already chose in-person school for her children starting in the fall but changed her mind due to masks being required.

"I think keeping them on all day long is going to take away from the learning time that they could have," she said.

CPS will abide by whatever city council decides on for the mask ordinance, Baumstark said.

"We absolutely understand that not every student can and will be able to wear a mask, and we will be working through what those exceptions look like," she said.

Regulations will be put in place depending on Columbia city council's vote Monday night.

"We will be looking very closely at what exceptions are included within the ordinance and then seeking guidance from the health department on how to handle those exceptions," Baumstark said.

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