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Missouri attorney general releases statement on obtaining a preliminary injunction in Title 42 case



A federal judge in Louisiana is refusing to end pandemic-related restrictions on migrants hoping to be granted asylum at the nation's southern border.

The judge blocked a plan by the Biden Administration to end those restrictions next Monday.

The law denies migrants a chance to request asylum on grounds of preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt says the move will help secure the nation's border.

 Missouri, Louisiana, and Arizona led the way in fighting back against the Biden Administration’s disastrous move to cancel Title 42, a critical tool in helping to secure the border. Now, Missouri and 23 other states have again scored a big win against the Biden Administration and obtained a preliminary injunction, keeping Title 42 in place. With the illegal fentanyl and human trafficking flowing through the porous Southern border, every state is now a border state. My Office will continue to fight to secure our border and protect Missourians and Americans.

Full statement from Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt

ABC 17 News Team


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