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Fulton man pleads guilty in Oct. 2021 domestic disturbance

Mugshot of Jerren Harris, 26, of Fulton, MO.
Mugshot of Jerren Harris, 26, of Fulton, MO.


A man pleaded guilty on Monday to unlawful use of a weapon and fourth-degree domestic assault after an October 2021 domestic disturbance.

Harris admitted that he was involved in a domestic disturbance at his home and he forced his way into an outbuilding, then fired a gun through a door. One of the bullets ricocheted and struck a family member in the leg causing a minor injury.

The judge sentenced Harris to 4 years in prison on the weapon offense and 120 days in jail for the domestic assault offense.

The judge also recommended that Harris complete a substance abuse treatment program in the Department of Corrections before being considered for release.

Karl Wehmhoener


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