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Motion to dismiss filed for one suspect accused of killing a four-year-old girl

Kourtney Aumen.
Benton County Sheriff's Office
Kourtney Aumen.


Kourtney Aumen's lawyers filed to dismiss her charges that she is accused of abusing and killing 4-year-old Jessica Mast.

Aumen's lawyers say the charges do not state a cause against Aumen and do not inform Aumen of the nature and substance of the charges against her.

Law enforcement believes she and three others abused 4-year-old Jessica Mast to death late last year.

The judge in the case previously denied a request from Aumen's attorney, Joseph Passanisse, to set a bond.

Court documents claim those involved implicated Aumen as the driving force behind the abuse of Mary and James' three children, as well as the couple themselves. Other defendants allegedly told deputies they believed a demon-possessed one of the women, and that they had abused the children to avoid it possessing them.

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