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Police investigating shooting that left property damage on Typhoon Court

Watch a replay of the scene in the player below.


UPDATE: Shortly after officers were dispatched to the 1500 block of Typhoon Court, several callers stated shots were being fired from two cars as one chased the other. 

Boone County Joint Communications is reporting Fenimore Drive in north Columbia was shut down due to a shooting investigation by the police beginning at 5:47 p.m.

Columbia Police Department said that nobody was hurt during the altercation, but the shootout did startle people that live in the neighborhood like Mackenzie Woods.

Several homes and a car had been hit by gunfire along Fenimore Drive near Americus Drive, Native Dancer Drive and Typhoon Court but no one was struck by the gunfire. 

Woods said, "Honestly, I was just kidding when I was like, oh my god there's gun shots, I was just thinking, Memorial Day weekend, and then we started hearing like the light and sirens, and I was like, oh, wow."

Woods said that she was working in her backyard when she heard multiple shots outside of Fenimore Drive and that she could see some of the cars as they drove by.

"We did actually you can see from my backyard just like the tops of the car and the tires flooring and they took off down this road,"  said Woods.

Brett and Matt Strouse have been moving from their house on Fenimore, and Friday was their last day in that house when they heard the shots being fired.

"We're just sitting in the truck and we hear like the popping of the guns, and they came ripping around the corner really fast and were just shooting right in front of us. It was crazy," said Strouse.

Brett Strouse said that he has lived in this neighborhood for five years and has never seen anything like this before.

The Columbia Police Department said they have no suspects at this time.

Karl Wehmhoener



  1. That’s it Columbia, let’s start the weekend off with a bang. From the police scanners:

    At 5:32 pm Dispatcher to Sergeant: “We are being advised of a disturbance at 15XX Typhoon Court. Our complainant was not on scene and very uncooperative, that someone was in danger and there were weapons involved. And now we are getting another call from a neighbor advising she heard gun shots on her street.”

    Lieutenant tells Dispatch to break two officers away from their current calls and send them. Dispatch sends two officers and tells them: “We also have multiple callers of shots heard in the area…Right now all we know is there may have been two parties shooting at each other. We are working on trying to get some more details.” Numerous officers ride to the sound of the guns.

    5:37 pm, Dispatch: “All units responding to Typhoon: we are being told that shots were exchanged between a red 4-door sedan and another black sedan. Both were moving, last seen driving northbound on Fenimore from Typhoon.”

  2. 5:38 pm, Dispatch: “We do have another caller advising there is a bullet hole in the front door of 46XX Fenimore.”

    Cop reports witness saying: “One of the vehicles is a maroon-colored Lincoln.” No word on the color or size of the rims.

    1. Officer reports a parked vehicle was damaged by bullets in the 4500 block of Fenimore.

      Officer asks Fenimore to be shut down saying: “I’ve got shell casing in the roadway at Nativ Dancer and Fenimore.”

      Officer: “I’ve got casings at the intersection of Americus and Fenimore…I’ve got some gun parts laying in the road on Americus near Fenimore as well.” Maybe it was a homemade ghost gun that fell apart in their hands. Or, maybe, yeah yeah this is it, the other shooter shot the gun out of their hand, but that is hard to do when you are in a speeding car, holding the gun sideways and not using the sights. Must be dealing with an expert marksman here.

      Officer: “I have more casings at Hockaday and Americus.”

      The path from the original call on Typhoon to Hockaday Place is 4 tenths of a mile long and pases in front of 54 houses. If you live in one of these houses you should consider yourself lucky to be alive. A stray bullet could easily have come through your wall and killed anyone in your house. Have a nice weekend.

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