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Cole County grand jury indicts man on gun charges

Semaj Harris
Courtesy Cole County Sheriff's Office
Semaj Harris


A Cole County grand jury has indicted a man on new gun charges in an early May shooting. Semaj Harris is accused of murder in a Jefferson City.

Semaj Harris was charged with aiding a shooting from a vehicle and illegal gun possession in a May 5 shots-fired incident at Community Park on Marshall Street in Jefferson City.

Harris could face enhanced sentencing due to prior convictions in 2019.

Harris will be arraigned on June 15. He is currently in the Cole County Jail.

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Karl Wehmhoener


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  1. On May 10, 2019, this guy was on probation for other crimes but his probation was revoked and he was sentenced to 5 years in the Department of Corrections for Stealing – Controlled Substance {Felony}. Why is he out?

    From a 2018 incident, he is still facing charges of Delivery of Controlled Substance {Felony}, Armed Criminal Action {Felony}, Unlawful Possession of a firearm {Felony}, and Tampering with Evidence {Felony}. At first he was in jail awaiting trial for these crimes, but then Judge Jon Edward Beetem, released him on his own recognizance. Thanks Judge Beetem for releasing a felon onto our streets!

    Why do judges allow people with a history of breaking probation stay on the streets? We need better judges or better laws to put people like this behind bars so they can’t kill people.

    But the real lesson is we need to take guns away from law abiding people.

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