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Man sentenced to probation after Douglass Park shooting

Gerrod Taylor
Boone County Sheriff's Department
Gerrod Taylor


A man accused of shooting another person at Douglass Park in Columbia has been sentenced.

A judge sentenced Gerrod Taylor to five years of probation Wednesday.

He pleaded guilty to unlawful use of a weapon.

Witnesses saw him carrying a rifle through the park.

One person was shot in the leg.

Taylor admitted to shooting the gun in the air but said he never shot at anyone.

ABC 17 News Team



  1. WOW! These NRA domestic terrorists must have really good lawyers to be able to shoot someone in a crowded park and only get probation. He did serve about 8 months in jail during trial, but still. Unsurprisingly liberal judge Jeff Harris presided over this case. It will be interesting to see if this defendant is arrested again in the near future.

    What is taking President* Biden so long in defeating the NRA? Come on man, it only takes a few more executive orders. Biden’s handlers just need to put the documents in front of him and he will sign anything they want because he does not know what he is signing. The media should ask him about this, but wait, the media are not allowed to ask him questions or the American people will see his true mental decline. The media, I mean propaganda arm of the Democratic party, seem to be OK with not asking him questions.

    1. Indeed, Biden is no more the acting chief executive than my dog is, and she’s been dead for two years. Making sure his socks match most of the time, and reading his teleprompter correctly most of the time, after hours of rehearsal, are about the limit of his capabilities. Oh yeah, and keeping his hands off children. Mainly effected by keeping him away from them, and vice versa.

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