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Cole County probable court statement: 2 arrested in Jefferson City after armed robbery, one at large

Jefferson City Police Department Sign
Jefferson City Police Department Sign


A probable cause statement out of Cole County alleges three people of an armed robbery on Monday in Jefferson City.

According to court documents, three people robbed the victim on the 100 block of E. Franklin.

In the documents, Michael Scaife, Amanda Sims and Daimian Smith were riding in a vehicle with the victim.

The victim reported going to get the victim's check and stopped at a bank. After getting the victim's money, Smith is accused of pistol whipping the victim and then Scaife and Sims are accused of pulling the victim out of the vehicle and kicking the victim.

The victim had a wallet and $906 taken.

According to court documents, Sims was located in the vehicle. The victim told police during the investigation what Sims was wearing.

Court documents report Smith was arrested on Tuesday afternoon.

Scaife is still at large.

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