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UPDATE: Overnight double homicide details released by CPD


Columbia police said Sunday that an early morning shooting in which five people were hit, leaving two dead and three injured, is a double homicide.

In the press conference Sunday afternoon Columbia Police Chief Geoff Jones said the two victims who died were 11 year-old Ri’ajauhna, the last name was withheld per the family’s request, and 38 year-old Tara L. Knedler

Chief Jones said the medics at the scene did not enter.

"They did not believe it was stable enough to enter the scene so officers were giving trauma care at the scene and providing CPR," Jones said.

Watch the news conference below.

Around 12:15 a.m. Sunday police were sent to reports of shots fired near Volunteer Drive and North Grace Lane in east Columbia.

Police found multiple victims, some of which had serious injuries and were taken to a local hospital.

According to CPD officials, police arrested several suspects after the shooting.

"There were at least two people who fired guns," Chief Jones said. "We have one person in custody and have talked to the other suspects."

CPD has one person of interest currently detained, but CPD said this is an ongoing investigation and is being handled by the Criminal Investigation Division. 

An ABC 17 News reporter saw roughly 20 law enforcement vehicles on Volunteer Drive around 1:30 a.m.

This comes after police were called out to the Grace Lane area Thursday and discovered shell casings after a "fireworks war."

“There was a rumor that this was a fireworks war, but it was gunshots," Chief Jones said.

Amy Palmer, a local who spoke with ABC 17 News after the fireworks war, said crime has increased lately in the neighborhood.

Check back here or watch ABC 17 News this morning at 6 a.m. for updates.

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  1. If any of the “journalists” in town still listened to the police scanner, they would report the following facts:

    The scene was so unstable the ambulance crews, even though they have their own body armor, refused to enter the scene. Even after being repeatedly requested, in fact begged, by the police to come help the victims the ambulance crews refused.

    The police transported 4 victims in police cars to the hospital with officers in the back seats providing aid to the victims. Officers blocked intersections so the police cars carrying victims could get there faster.

    I won’t give the patient medical details but there needs to be a serious after action review of this incident with all involved, including the Medical Director, to correct the mistakes made by EMS. The cops did a commendable job.

    1. Harry:
      It’s actually our policy that we don’t report scanner traffic because it’s often incorrect. For example, there was a fatal stabbing a couple of years ago that came over the scanner as a shooting and was labeled such by the initial officers at the scene. That said, scanner traffic also includes a lot of truth. However, we always seek confirmation of details we hear over the scanner.

      1. Here is a selected transcript of the radio traffic:

        Male Officer: “I need medics emergency!”

        Some time later – Female Officer: “Where are my medics!?” (I took this to mean the scene was safe enough for EMS to enter)

        Dispatcher: “Medics are advising to abandon CPR. We are getting them.”

        Female Officer: “OK, they don’t get to decide that.”

        Dispatcher: “They are not willing to come in. If you guys can transport the patient away from the scene. Per medics.”

        Female Officer: “Eehhh (voice cracking)..Copy, Get them as close as they can!”

        Dispatcher: “Apologies, We have told them that. They are not responding in. We will try again (to get the medics to respond in)”

        Male Officer: “We are taking the 12 year old victim to the ER on our own.”

        During the press conference, if the Police Chief does not explain why EMS refused to respond into the scene and why they recommended to stop CPR when they were not even there – Your reports should ask him.

        1. You’re only hearing half the radio traffic because Fire/EMS have different radio channels than local law enforcement. You should listen to the other side of the story before you jump to a conclusion that might be wrong.

        2. This needs to be addressed immediately. Every EMS tech and their supervisor that refused to treat that child need to loose their jobs and face criminal manslaughter charges for refusing aid in a police secured seen. I hope they get jail time for gross negligence and never work as first responders again! You ignorant people not supporting our police are all accomplices as well. The shame to be part of such a crooked local government and after retiring from the Health industry I am appalled it could happen here. Shame on you all!

    2. There were 3 ambulances staged just outside of the street and CPD literally drove past the ambulances with the victims in their car. CPD should have stopped to give care over to EMS. CPD needs a major review of practice.

  2. This street is a cesspool. It was only a matter of time before something like this happened. Live two streets up and refuse to go even near it when dog walking. Clean it up Columbia or it will be the next Demaret drive!

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