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MU Health Care doctor leading COVID-19 prevention study


Researchers in Columbia are looking for unvaccinated people to take part in a clinical trial to study a COVID-19 prevention pill.

The medication Molnupiravir received publicity a few months ago as a treatment for people with coronavirus. But now, doctors and researchers at the University of Missouri Hospital are looking at the medication as a prevention method.

Dr. Christopher Sampson, emergency medicine physician, said the study is for people that are unvaccinated.

"If there's somebody in your household that tests positive for COVID and if you're unvaccinated if you're able to take part in this study then you have the possibility you'd be given this medication," Sampson said.

The study is only for people that are unvaccinated and are at least 18 years old.

"To qualify you have to be living with someone who has COVID, it has to be within five days of their symptom onset and you yourself also have to be unvaccinated to be eligible," Sampson said.

The local study has been going on for months and is part of an international trial by Merck. Those who are eligible for the study will either receive the pill Molnpiravir or a placebo pill. Participants will be given a diary to monitor symptoms and will be tracked by a doctor for a month.

Researchers are hopeful this pill will benefit the unvaccinated population in the state.

"This is to try to prevent them from getting covid which then prevents them from getting very ill," Sampsons said.

Those interested in being a part of the study can contact the hospital's research department at 573-882-0637.

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  1. “This is to try to prevent them from getting covid which then prevents them from getting very ill,” Sampsons said.” Even though the virus has devolved into VERY few getting seriously ill, most likely those with excessive co-morbidity. But after all, there is money for Pharma in pretending otherwise.

  2. Why would any healthy person take a pill or get a shot for “something” with a 99.x% survivability rate? What happened to immune health? What happened to eating right? Why is ABC17 News still pushing this false covid narrative? ZERO REAL JOURNALISM..yall are nothing more than puppets with a mouth piece.

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