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WATCH: Biden outlines next steps in coronavirus fight

President Joe Biden speaks at a CNN town hall.
President Joe Biden speaks at a CNN town hall.


President Joe Biden laid out steps Thursday for increasing coronavirus vaccinations, including mandating vaccines for federal employees.

Biden also called on local governments to provide $100 incentive payments for the newly vaccinated.

Watch the full address in the player below.

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  1. But the main thing needed is ever more censorship of any information that discredits the “official narrative”, and there’s a ton of it. Example: There’s far more evidence that therapies like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are highly effective early in the disease than there is the vaccine won’t kill you in a year. A vaccine that works so well you have to pay people to take it.

  2. Boone County residents that are hospitalized went down from 32 to 24, yet the headlines beg for panic! One new death in an 80 plus year old. First death in several weeks. Ventilator patients at the lowest for several days in our hospitals in Columbia at 10. If this virus is not raging, will anyone admit it who is in a position of power?

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