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QUESTION OF THE DAY: Should mask mandates return to Columbia and Boone County?


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has now advised everyone to wear masks indoors in coronavirus hot spots such as Mid-Missouri.

Meanwhile, a political battle is raging in St. Louis County over a mandate there and mask requirements are back in St. Louis city and in Kansas City.

Do you think Columbia and Boone County should follow their example? Vote in the poll below.

ABC 17 News Team



  1. The CDC is an agent of Pharma. Their primary goal is to scare you into taking one of their vaccines that have had no long term safety testing at all, except for the 6 month ongoing experiment on the general public. The CDC recently determined the PCR test was invalid, and yet that is precisely the test used to determine a severe outbreak. Perhaps 2+2=5 after all.

  2. We all have learned masks dont work. The particles of the virus are smaller than the opening in the masks. It is not the job of the government to mandate me to care for my health as they see fit. If your scared, do something that actually works. Stay home.

  3. Masks did nothing to stop the spread last year. Why do we expect them to help this time around? Just get vaccinated or don’t.
    Either way just stop living in fear.

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