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QUESTION OF THE DAY: Are you getting your child vaccinated before school starts?

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With the start of school in many districts just a month away, students eligible to get the coronavirus vaccine are running out of time to be fully vaccinated before classes begin.

People 12 and older can get the two-shot Pfizer vaccine, which requires 28 days in between doses. Many parents want their students to be vaccinated before school but others say they won't get their children vaccinated, expressing doubts about the vaccines.

Are you getting your child vaccinated before school? Vote in the poll below.

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  1. The risk of COVID to healthy young people is less than the risk of the vaccine. I do not trust the people pushing the vaccine.

    The fact that “COVID scientists” are completely ignoring natural immunity of those who have recovered from COVID is not science based and makes them lose all credibility.

    1. A culture that does not put the wellbeing of its children first is doomed to extinction. Since children are nearly immune to the effects of this virus, vaccinating them to protect others is suicidal.

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