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QUESTION OF THE DAY: Are unemployment benefits creating an incentive not to work?

A "now hiring" sign hangs outside On The Rocks Bar in downtown Columbia.

Lawmakers in some states have moved to limit the amount or duration of federal pandemic unemployment benefits.

They argue, citing stories they've heard from business owners, that the benefits are so high some people will choose to stay out of work instead of returning to a job.

Others say the benefits are needed to keep people afloat as the pandemic continues to affect the economy.

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  1. Of course they do. Simple logic dictates so. If you only receive one dollar a month for being unemployed, it’s an incentive not to work. It probably will not keep you from working, but it never the less is an incentive not to. The higher the benefit, the less likely to work. When that benefit approaches, equals or exceeds what would be earned by working, why should one seek employment?

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