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QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do you agree with the vaccine ‘passport’ concept?

Coronavirus vaccine "passports" are making news as more countries say they'll use them to grant citizens access to travel and other services.

The idea is being widely discussed in the United States. Some state leaders such as Missouri Gov. Mike Parson have come out against the idea.

Are you in favor of the passports? Vote in the poll below.

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  1. In the first place, none of these “vaccines” provide immunity. The profiteering makers don’t even claim they do, which hasn’t stopped their marketing division from implying they do. Including a great many “experts” and “officials”. Therefore, they form no basis for any such passport. They do NOT reduce transmission, in either direction. Not delivering immunity, they likewise have no effect on herd immunity.
    None of then have had any long term testing for efficacy or safety. By FDA definition they are a medical experiment. Several NAZIs were hung at Nuremburg for coercing people to participate in medical experiments. A private business requiring such as a condition of employment, or for access to services is on very shaky legal ground. Very shaky.

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