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QUESTION OF THE DAY: Should public schools require students to get coronavirus shots?

Hickman High School
ABC17 News
Hickman High School

Schools already require students to have certain vaccinations before they can attend.

Should the same be true for the coronavirus shot?

Students are still months away from having access to the vaccine but some parents are already saying they won't let their children be vaccinated. Public health officials are working to build trust in the vaccine.

Vote in the poll below.

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  1. The argument that “other shots are already required” is just a bit of circular logic. Like saying that you accidentally cut off your right hand, so why not cut off your left. Those other shots should not be required either. it’s not as if vaccinations have a stellar safety record. There have been numerous damaging and sometimes lethal effects delivered by vaccines. And why should there not be? After all, the Pharma makers of vaccines are not liable for any ill effects, by law. What motive do they have to make them safe? It costs them nothing if they aren’t. Not even their reputation, since many of these instances are covered up by news media instead of being exposed. After all, Pharma buys by far the most time from every single national news agency.

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