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Latest ‘red zone’ report calls for more state, local COVID-19 restrictions

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The White House 'red zone' report obtained by ABC News on Thursday called on Missouri to increase statewide and local mitigation efforts.

The Dec. 13 report ranked Missouri sixth worst in the nation for its positivity rate, which is 17.5 percent.

The state also remains in the red zone for its case rate. The report said Missouri recorded 405 new cases for every 100,000 residents.

This was, however, a 14 percent decrease from the previous report.

The rate of new deaths, while down 25 percent from the prior report, is also still in the red with 5.4 new deaths per 100,000 residents.

Of the state's 114 counties, 101, or 93 percent, are in the red zone for transmission.

Many counties in Mid-Missouri are among those in the red including: Boone, Cole, Cooper, Callaway, Morgan and Saline counties.

Missouri testing increased 18 percent in the new report, testing over 86,000 people.

The report recommends a significant reduction in capacity or closures of public and private indoor spaces. This includes restaurants and bars.

White House officials also advise anyone over 65 to not enter any indoor public space where some may be unmasked.

If you're under 40, and gather outside of your immediate family, the report says to assume you've contracted the virus.

Travel for the holiday season is also being advised against in the new report. Federal officials said anyone who gathered outside of their immediate family should assume they've contracted the virus.

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