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FRIDAY UPDATES: Cole and Randolph County reporting COVID-19 related deaths

Cole and Randolph County health departments are reporting COVID-19 releated deaths.

In Cole County, the health department is reporting 21 new coronavirus related deaths. There were 16 county residents that died and five that died that were in long term care facilities. The county has the most reported COVID-19 deaths with 84 overall.

The county is also reporting 34 new coronavirus cases in the county. There are now 246 cases in long term care facilities and 6,309 residential cases. There have been a total of 6,555 cases in the county as a total.

In Randolph County, the health department is reporting two new coronavirus related deaths. The county now has a total of 22 overall deaths.

The county has 21 new cases and a total of 1,622 COVID-19 cases since March.

The health department reports 143 active cases, a six case increase from Thursday.

Officials are reporting 1,457 total recoveries overall.

Boone County reports 153 new cases, positivity rate drops

Columbia/Boone County Department of Public Health and Human Services is reporting 153 new COVID-19 cases, a decrease of 20 cases from Wednesday.

The dashboard is currently reporting 979 active cases, a decrease of 42 cases from Wednesday.

The county now has a reported total number of COVID-19 cases of 12,580 since March.

The county has reported the total number of cases removed from isolation is 11,557, an increase of 194 cases from Monday.

Columbia/Boone County Department of Public Health and Human Services dashboard has reported the latest five-day average as 124.

The dashboard is reporting the positivity rate currently sits at 27.3%. A drop of 6.8% from the previous weeks 34.1% for Dec. 4 through last Thursday.

The health department is reporting the total hospitalizations in Boone County at 131 cases, a drop of five from Thursday.

Columbia/Boone County Department of Public Health and Human Services Dec. 18 dashboard

The number of Boone County residents hospitalized is reported to be 33, an increase of six.

The dashboard is reporting 37 COVID-19 patients in the ICU and 15 patients on ventilators.

The hospital status is still currently in the 'yellow' zone.

Callaway and Cooper County are reporting new COVID-19 related deaths after a delay from reporting in the state.

In Callaway County, the health department is reporting 10 new COVID-19 related deaths. That brings the total to 28 deaths overall.

The county also is reporting 72 new cases to be added to the total number of cases for a total of 2,870 cases.

The number of active cases is 535.

The county is also reporting 2,307 recoveries.

In Cooper County, the health center is reporting seven COVID-19 related deaths. The county has a total of 15 coronavirus related deaths.

Officials say they expect the number to rise to 19 as there are four more cases currently under review. These cases have occurred over the past 60 days.

Officials say the residents that died were between the ages of 29 and 89.

Statewide COVID-19 hospitalizations increase, continue to remain high

The state health department said Friday virus-related hospitalizations increased higher, they have remained high since mid-November.

An update on the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services coronavirus dashboard said COVID-19 hospitalizations were up 80 to 2,616.

The number has increased and decreased slightly over the last week but has remained above 2,400 since Nov. 15.

Like hospitalizations, ICU admissions have seen increases and decreases recently. State hospital officials said 606 were in the ICU because of COVID-19, an increase of 22 from Thursday's dashboard update.

ICU admission fell below the 600 mark on Saturday and Monday, the first time admissions were under that level since Nov. 15.

The health department said total coronavirus cases since the pandemic started were up to 360,330 -- an increase of 3,723 from the day before.

Data on the dashboard included 19 more virus-related deaths were reported since Thursday. It brings the total since the pandemic started to 4,853.

State health officials said Missouri ranked 15th in the US for new COVID-19 deaths over the last seven days -- 108. The state was also 19th for new positive cases over the same time period -- 18,710.

The statewide positivity rate fell slightly from the day before, according to health data. The rate was at 17.2% on Friday -- a decrease of 0.3%.

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  1. Since the fact that the PCR test is utterly useless if 35 or more cycles are used, and the CDC and the FDA both recommend 40. The antigen test has demonstrated failure because it may detect any corona virus, even from a past infection, or corona viruses that are quite common in our environment, though often harmless. So, how exactly are these cases and deaths being detected? How many are being quarantined for no reason? There’s just too much about this fraud that is too suspicious to believe. Unless one prefers NOT using critical thought, and prefers belief or faith, as in religion or cult instead.

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