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SATURDAY UPDATES: State adds over 5,000 new cases

Missouri health department dashboard Saturday case totals.
Missouri health department dashboard Saturday case totals.


UPDATE: The Chariton County Health Center reported four new COVID-19 cases Saturday.

There have been 501 cases in the county since the beginning of the pandemic.

On saturday 118 were active.

There have been seven deaths related to the virus.

ORIGINAL: The state health department's COVID-19 dashboard reported over 5,000 new coronavirus cases Saturday morning.

The addition brings the state total to 318,422 cases since the pandemic started.

59 new deaths were also added to the dashboard.

COVID-19 has been a factor in 4,181 deaths across the state.

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  1. There is only one relevant number regarding any disease. The infection/fatality rate. Of those infected, how many die. A number easily calculated by dividing deaths by cases. A number that is NEVER published in any news story about COVID. Because it’s not the least bit scary. In Missouri it has been stable at about 0.013% for more than a month. Before that it was stable at about 0.016%. The rate for ordinary influenza varies from 0.005% to 0.020%. The number for COVID is right in the middle of that. It is not an extraordinary virus. We are just being forced to pretend it is. If hospitals are overcrowded because of it more so than for influenza in previous years, it’s because hospitals have been mismanaged.

    1. Alice,

      This is the 14th time I am correcting your math.

      To calculate the Covid Fatality Rate, the formula is (Deaths/cases) x 100, so for Missouri today, that would be (4412/334,637) x 100 =1.3%. The fatality rate of influenza averages .1%, so you are 13 times more likely to die if you catch Covid than if you have the flu.

      Yesterday in Missouri 4,192 tested positive for Covid. 1.3%, or 54 of them are expected to die.

      Last year (2019-202), an estimated (CDC) 38 million people became sick with flu and 22,000 died. So far in 2020, nearly 15 million have contracted Covid and 281,202 have died. A stark contrast.

      Day after day you keep posting the same lies and innuendo. The numbers are the numbers and the math is the math. People can decide what to do based on those numbers, but must have accurate numbers on which to base their decisions. Shame on you for changing the numbers to fit your political agenda.

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