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Morgan County R-II School District approves mask mandate


The Morgan County R-II Board of Education approved a mask mandate at Monday night at their school board meeting for the district.

Officials say this mandate will be for Pre-K through 12th grade.

Superintendent Dr. L. Steve Barnes says, "In the event that we moved back to Category 1, with less restrictions, the mandate may remain in place, depending on the situation at that time."

Category two precautionary measures include masks are mandatory on buses and working inside when unable to socially distance, no field trips, meals in classrooms, no in-person parent meetings and limited spectators at athletic events.

Last week, Governor Parson and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education issued the new guidance on mask-wearing as it relates to determining close contacts to a positive COVID case.

After a spike in cases in October, the district went to distance learning for two weeks beginning on Oct. 22. The district returned to in-class learning on Nov. 5.

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Karl Wehmhoener


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  1. Wake up, before they kill you. There is nothing extraordinarily dangerous about this virus. The infection/fatality rate is about median for ordinary influenza. Masking damages your health. The other restrictions destroy your economic, social, and psychiatric health. We are killing ourselves to keep from catching a different flu virus. One that 99.986% who catch it will recover from.

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