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Columbia health order extended for three weeks

Columbia City Hall
Columbia City Hall


Local leaders announced the current health order was extended for three weeks. Both the City of Columbia and Boone County leaders attended the event.

The new health order will not need to be approved by the city council and goes into effect on Wednesday.

Columbia Mayor Brian Treece asked citizens to social distance, wash or sanitize their hands, wear a mask and avoid large gatherings.

You can watch playback of the full news conference in the media player below.

Columbia/Boone County health director Stephanie Browning echoed the mayor's call and asked residents to go back to the days when the pandemic first started and to "be diligent about everyday choices."

The health was most recently extended on Nov. 2 and has been in place since June 23.

Since that last extension, the city has seen eight days of new daily cases reaching triple digits. Countywide cases have increased by 1,490 since the extension.

It includes Nov. 5 when Boone County saw a record-breaking 222 new cases and recorded its 18th pandemic death. On Nov. 4, the county reported 181 cases, the second-highest single-day total.

Hospitalizations have also been trending upward since the beginning of the month.

Boone Hospital sent a memo out Tuesday in which they warned of the increased patient load.

Boone Hospital Center officials said in the memo that the hospitalizations are reaching levels at which the hospital will consider changes to elective surgeries and visitation.

According to the hospital's website, there are currently 48 patients hospitalized with COVID-19.

Ahead of the afternoon meeting, Columbia Public Schools spokeswoman Michelle Baumstark said the pandemic still continues to affect everyday life.

"We’re all faced with exhaustion and fatigue with managing a virus that has significantly impacted our way of life. Despite this, we must continue to do what we can to stop the spread," ahead of the meeting.

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  1. If it had worked in the first place, it wouldn’t need extending. They won’t face facts, and they don’t want you to either. Otherwise you might develop an appropriately bad opinion of them. No highly contagious virus has ever been contained once it reaches the general population. NONE! If the prescribed measures work, why aren’t they working? Personal decisions regarding one’s own health are all that is needed. We are each more or less aware of our vulnerability and should take action as we see fit. And why not, since it’s obvious the “experts” solutions are ineffective.

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