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Columbia bar reopening. Health Department: ‘Room 38 made necessary changes’

Room 38
Room 38


Room 38 in Columbia regained its operating license Friday after submitting a new operating plan to the health department.

The Columbia/Boone County health department halted operations at the bar this week after a video showed patrons not social distancing.

The plan contains similar language to its previous operating plan which resulted in multiple complaints, and ultimately a suspension of Room 38's license.

Former operational plans from Room 38 can be viewed below.

The complaints from late May state the business did not abide by social distancing guidelines, occupancy requirements and allowed bar seating.

Kala Wekenborg-Tomka, a Columbia health official, said the restaurant made key changes to address recent issues.

"The biggest difference is Room 38 emphasized that masks will be required by every employee at all times," Wekenborg-Tomka said.

She added new language emphasizing how closing out tickets or checks tableside makes sure, "people aren't coming to the bar to close out their checks or tabs."

Room 38 included a new requirement that all employees have to read, and sign a health protocol.

NashVegas, another Columbia establishment that was forced closed because of COVID-19 violations, had not submitted a new operating plan as of Friday, Wekenborg-Tomka said.

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  1. “If you do not believe in the same delusion we do, you can’t do business here.” Since this propaganda operation is the most fact free we’ve ever been subjected to, one can only classify adherence as a religion, or cult. Requiring “belief”. From illogical protocol for assigning deaths to corona flu, to using a test that is recommended by its inventor not to be used for such purpose, there are few, if any facts involved. Given a couple of those few facts, the infection mortality for this virus is virtually the same as ordinary influenza. Of course no religion was ever established for influenza as has been for corona flu.

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