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Time off and start dates are main questions during JC Schools question-and-answer session


Jefferson City School District leaders outlined their plan for returning to school for parents and staff during a two-plus-hour question-and-answer session Friday on YouTube.

In the first hour, designated for questions coming from staff members, employees primarily had questions about time off in case of illness.

Chief of Learning Shelby Scarbrough said sick staff members will have enough time off to cover them.

You can watch the full question and answer session in the player below.

Employees are allotted 10 COVID-19 sick days, however, staff also have 80 hours of emergency paid sick leave at their disposal. Employees are also encouraged to apply for workers' compensation if they believe they caught the virus at school.

In the second hour, focusing on parents' concerns, the big question was will school actually begin Aug. 24 with other districts such as Columbia Public Schools pushing their start date back.

Superintendent Larry Linthacum said while the plan is to send students back on Aug. 24, that could change depending on how the virus spreads in the community.

Parents also voiced concerns about social distancing.

Leaders are urging staff to utilize outdoor space if possible, as it is much easier to distance if outdoors. Chief Financial Officer Jason Hoffman said 16 percent of students will be virtual this year, which he hopes will alleviate many of the space issues caused by the need for social distancing.

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