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IRS launches new online tool to check on stimulus payments


The Internal Revenue Service launched Wednesday an online tool called “Get My Payment” for Americans to check on the status of their economic impact payment.

The new online tool is available on the IRS website, which also breaks down who is eligible for the COVID-19 individual stimulus payments.

U.S. citizens and resident aliens with valid Social Security numbers who can't be claimed as dependents with incomes under certain limits are eligible for the payments of up to $1,200 per person.

Parents and guardians will also get $500 per child.

The website requires a Social Security number, date of birth and mailing address to check on payment status. 

The new IRS application will give information about payment status, payment type and whether the IRS needs more information such as bank account information. 

The IRS website also states that a 2019 return, if filed, and 2018 return may be needed to check the status, as well. 

According to the IRS, most eligible U.S. taxpayers will automatically receive their payments without taking additional steps if they filed a tax return for the 2018 or 2019 tax years or received Social Security, disability, survivor benefits or railroad retirement benefits.

If the IRS does not have bank account information or a mailing address, 2019 filers will receive payments based on the information provided in their 2019 tax return.

If 2018 filers need to change their information they should file taxes for 2019 as soon as possible. Some people who have not filed taxes for either year will have to file a 2019 return, the IRS website says.

A non-filers option to submit payment information is available for those not required to file returns for the 2018 or 2019 tax years. 

The IRS provides additional information regarding what information non-filers will need to provide and what they can expect on its website. 

Central Bank of Boone County is directing people to the IRS website to get details and to update their personal information.

“We're trying to advise people to go and update their information,” said Angie Gentry, Central Bank of Boone County’s vice president of consumer banking. “Otherwise, if they cannot provide direct deposit for these stimulus payments, they're going to be issued by a paper check and that's going to take a while.”

Central Bank of Boone County advises people to use online banking applications to see if they have received the stimulus checks.

Gentry believes the first round of stimulus checks were given to people who had direct deposit information on file since 2018, as the IRS had account numbers on file and routed. 

“The next waves are going to be those that receive Social Security benefits,” Gentry said. “Or VA benefits or are our people that have not filed taxes previously, but are still eligible.”

Gentry said Central Bank of Boone County was informed that the first round of deposit would take place Monday. As of now, Central Bank has not received notice of when the next wave could be.

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