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Study: Boone Health part of mind-powered VR experiences help healthcare worker anxiety

Boone Health Emergency Department
Boone Health Emergency Department


Boone Health, working with other organizations, participated in a research trial to assess the impact of mind-powered virtual reality and neurofeedback to improve mood and reduce stress among healthcare workers directly involved in patient care.

In the 100-employee study at Boone Health, participating healthcare workers were fitted with a portable brain-sensing head strap and portable virtual reality goggles to record the users’ brain patterns associated with stress. They were then placed inside a beautiful environment that responds to the user’s biometric information, modifying the scene if the brain becomes stressed.

“Nursing is a difficult profession with incredibly high expectations. Providing an outlet for our nurses to rejuvenate and care for themselves is a high priority. We are excited to participate in a study focused on the well-being of our nursing staff,” said Monica Smith, MSN, RN, NE-BC, FACHE, Chief Nursing Officer and Chief Operations Officer of Boone Health, in a release.

The experience is powered by Healium’s patented technology that modifies and recommends immersive media content based on their brain patterns measured by electroencephalogram. The technology was able to tailor the stress-relieving content shared through the goggles specifically to the wearer – so if they respond most positively to walking on a beautiful beach, that is what they experience. Results show the intervention quickly improved mood, increased feelings of happiness and calm as well as reduced tension in as little as four minutes.

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