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Columbia City Council pushes back ‘Cherry Street Hotel’ parking vote

Columbia City Council pushes back 'Cherry Street Hotel' parking vote


The Columbia City Council pushed back the parking vote for the prospective hotel near the intersection of Cherry Street and Tenth Street.

The council is torn between allowing the parking spaces because it's approved hotel parking like this before, and not allowing the hotel parking because locals need the space in the centrally located garage.

The Tenth and Cherry St. garage has 276 parking spaces, 164 for permit parking and 112 for hourly parking.

The proposal says the hotel would take 99 spaces. It would take up 31 hourly spots and 68 permit spots.

Columbia Public Works director, David Nichols, says the 68 permit spots needed, would be placed at the top of the waiting list and as those spots come open, the hotel would get them. This, Nichols says, would move those currently on the waiting list down below the 68 for the hotel. Then as the opening of the hotel approaches, if it hasn't locked down those 68 spots, the city would begin canceling current permit holders' reservations.

Ward 5 councilmember Ian Thomas voiced his concerns about this idea.

The spokesperson for the hotel, Jack Cardetti, said an underground parking garage was an idea but it was shot down because it would be too expensive.

Despite lengthy public comments mostly against the hotel parking, Mayor Brian Treece said the city had made deals in a similar fashion in the past.

The Broadway Hotel currently leases 107 parking permits in the city garage between Broadway and Walnut. The Tiger Hotel currently leases 49 valet permits in the city garage on Eighth and Cherry Streets.

The vote is now expected to take place on Aug. 16.

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