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True/False organizers give update on 2021 festival


True/False Film Festival organizers gave some updates on how planning the 2021 festival is going.

RagTag Film Society, which organizes the festival, announced in 2020 the next iteration of True/False was pushed back to May and that it's being held outdoors at Stephens Lake Park.

Tuesday afternoon, festival organizers met with Columbia's Convention and Visitor's Bureau going over some of the changes. Film society spokeswoman Stacie Pottinger said the organizers were going over how an annual grant could be used in 2021.

Pottinger included if the fest is approved for the grant it could be used for shuttles taking patrons to the park.

Right now organizers are working with the health department on their plans which they say could change. Pottinger said the film society has some practice with screening movies outdoors after holding many outside and drive-in events in 2020.

Pottinger said organizers are also looking to include an area at the festival for locla vendors.

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