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Two Columbia businesses issued COVID-19 related violation notices

Black and Gold Tavern
Black and Gold Tavern


Two Columbia businesses have received notification from Boone County they have violations due to the ordinances meant to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

According to documents, The Vault at 5965 E. Clark Lane Suite A and Black and Gold at 2102 Business Loop 70 E. each violated health orders.

The Vault

According to the violation notice for Black and Gold, the business was open past 10:30 p.m. The violation notice says that Columbia police and the department of public health went on Jan. 9 to the business and saw a parking lot full of vehicles.

The investigators tried to get into the business but it was locked, once they were let in at 10:57 they saw "patrons at the bar still drinking and being served."

Photo from Black and Gold showing violation.

At The Vault, the violation says the business was operating at a capacity limit above the 50% limit on Jan. 8. The violation notes the patrons were also not socially distancing or wearing face masks correctly over the noses and mouths.

The businesses did not respond to requests for comment.

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  1. Meanwhile, in what’s left of the sane world, 50,000 Italian eateries told the COVID tyrants to get lost, and opened their businesses. 10,000 or more took to the streets of Vienna Austria to protest the COVID tyranny. A group at Stanford University has published a peer reviewed article claiming lockdowns and similar measures have not demonstrated any effectiveness in significantly reducing spread.

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