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Coronavirus forces Everybody Eats Thanksgiving meal to go curbside

Almeeta Crayon Everyobdy Eats 2020
Almeta Crayton Community Program's Annual Everybody Eats November 2020 Coumbia, MO


The Almeta Crayton Community Program was able to provide citizens with more than 1,300 meals Thursday. Hundreds of cars lined up outside of the Columbia Senior Activity Center for curbside assistance.

This year the annual Everybody Eats Thanksgiving event looked different due to the pandemic.

This marked the 23rd year of Almeta Crayton’s Community Programs' Everybody Eats free Thanksgiving meal. This year COVID-19 safety guidelines changed and restricted what is usually a community fellowship event.

Meals were given to patrons via curbside pickup and walkup. Patrons had to remain outside of the building and they were not able to stay and eat their meals at the location.

Everyone was required to wear a mask including all volunteers and anyone coming to receive meals.

All volunteers received a health screening upon arrival and were required to wear a mask throughout their entire time of service, the organization said. Volunteers were required to stay 6 feet apart at all times.

The organization is also keeping a list of volunteers for 60 days in case contact tracing is necessary.

Any patrons who tested positive for COVID or showing symptoms of the virus were asked not to come to the event.

Meal pickup happened at the Columbia Senior Center from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

This year's cook, Steve Touchton, a member of the Almeta Crayton Community Program, said, "This year we're giving out turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, corn and green beans, macaroni and cheese, and we're also serving dressing and some pie."

Touchton said there is no limit to the amount of food people can take home. "We encourage everybody every year it doesn't matter if you don't get full, well come through the line again and it's still the same thing this year. You can pull out and come right back in. We want everybody to be full we want everybody to be thankful because we are."

Reverend James Gray said more volunteers helped out this year because of the pandemic.

“More people get it, they get it. They understand that there's people in need. How do we help.", Gray explained. As cars continued to line up to receive meals Gray said, "As you could look at our drive-thru you have couples, you have single people, you have people with just one person and their animal and so we have no idea what they may be going through. Almeta Crayton the dream of hers was to make sure nobody goes without and that they know that there's love in our community."

Volunteers continued to express that is was important for them to participate in order to continue the legacy of the founder Almeta Crayton and former director Kentrell Minton, who recently passed.

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  1. Coronavirus has forced nothing upon us, except irrational fear. Which tyrants are using to inflict their tyranny. They demand you accept that you are too stupid to make your own risk/reward assessment, and so they will make it for you. Whether there is any justification or not. Those who have acquired power did not do so out of any altruistic motive. They simply love it above all else, and will seek as much of it as they can acquire.

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