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“Roll Out For Justice” rally planned in Columbia


A protest aimed at bringing awareness to police brutality is expected to start at 6 p.m. tonight in Columbia.

Organizers are calling the rally, "Roll Out For Justice." Cyclists, Skateboarders and even those in wheelchairs are expected to gather at College Ave. and Paris road before riding their way through Columbia.

Dani Perez, the organizer of this event, said she's an avid rollerblader herself, and simply thought this might be a good way to mix it up after months of protests in Columbia.

Perez gave more insight into her motivation to hold this rally, and said she thought this was a good way to get people out and protesting who may not have done so otherwise.

Protestors will make their way through the University of Missouri's campus, as well as downtown Columbia. The group is also going to be making stops along the African-American Heritage Trail in Columbia.

According to a press release, the group will also be listening to speakers, in speakers circle.

They will also be holding a demonstration in front of the Columbia Police Department which will include everyone laying down, taking a knee, or raising a fist in the air for eight minutes and 46 seconds.

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Ben Fein



  1. Surely this event has a City of Columbia Special Event permit. Maybe Steve Sapp could confirm this for us. If they dont have a permit, it is just another example of laws not being enforced fairly.

    1. I agree Harry! Seems like lately there’s been a lot of slacking on the part of permits and what we’re allowing people who are a little pissed off to do and gett away with. I know maybe we should all take our cars and block intersections to see what happens to us and when we get arrested we can sue for discrimination.

    2. And another thing if they don’t have a permit to do this and they aren’t arrested I would like the police chief to resign for wasting my tax money for not protecting me and upholding the laws that we have in place. Just because people are pissed off doesn’t give them any right to run around like a bunch of adolescent kids. Oh and when’s the counter-protest for all the cops that get killed by people every day in the United States? They represent every race in the United States.

  2. Oh how lovely! Groups of the worst traffic law breaking people in Columbia will be in Mass together today. You’re Zero vision policy will never be seen mainly due to the fact that the people that you’re trying to protect bicyclists pedestrians Etc in Columbia are some of the worst people that violate traffic laws that I’ve ever seen. Bicyclists don’t use turn signals they don’t stop at stop signs fully they think they own more roads in a car does. Pedestrians walking across slowly walking traffic not paying attention to road signs etc. Still trying to understand why we spend all this money on people that don’t have a loss. Oh and one more thing can we please have bicyclist stop using flashing lights on their bikes. It’s been shown to cause seizures in people that don’t even have issues with seizures.

  3. And another thing I’d like to ask, exactly what time should I be driving down Ash? I don’t want to get caught up in the people blocking/laying in the road in front of the police station while I’m trying to carry out what activities that I need to get done today.

  4. Gee, I wasn’t aware of any rampant police brutality in Columbia. In fact, in my few interactions with them, they barely do their job at all. Oh, and never mind that George Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose and a cop kneeling on his neck was mostly just a bad optic. I’m no fan of police in general, far from it, but no fan of fantasy causes either. There is another name for them, “excuses”.

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