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Cole County crews prepare for possible flash flooding


Public Works crews are preparing for possible flash flooding in areas throughout Cole County, as heavy rain and thunderstorms are forecasted until Thursday.

The forecast shows possible flooding from anywhere from 1 to 3 inches of rain, as heavy rainfall is expected to flood some areas throughout mid-Missouri.

Jefferson Public Works director, Matt Morasch, says he's closely monitoring the forecast and river levels at the Missouri River. Morasch says the levels at the Missouri River remain low and he doesn't expect the river to flood during this storm. He's more concerned with local creeks and low-level areas possibly flooding during the storm.

"You've got to have a lot of rain in a short period of time and these creeks will jump up and flood out of their banks and if your home is located next to one, you probably already know your home may be susceptible or your property to flooding and you might want to take any measures that you would normally take when these things happen, maybe move things away from the creek bank," said Morasch.

Eric Landwehr, Cole County Public Works director, says he's also concerned with flash flooding in areas within the county. As there are many low crossing, gravel and low-level roads that are frequent to flooding.

"What we have is these low water bridges and low water crossings that when we get heavy rains they always flood and so those roads that cross those streams are all signed with flood warning signs when the water comes up will put road barricades in the road," said Landwehr.

Cole County and Jefferson City Public Works crews will be closely monitoring areas that are prone to flash floods with heavy rains. Officials say they have geared up and stocked trucks with road barricade signs, in order to be prepared to close any flooded or dangerous roads.

Landwehr says people should pay close attention to flooded road warnings and signs, and avoid those areas if possible during heavy rainfall. Officials want to remind the public if you see water on the roads, do not attempt to drive through. It's always best to be safe and turn around if water is covering roadways.

"Definitely do not drive through floodwater, running water across low water crossings is extremely dangerous and people need to just pay attention to the signs, pay attention to the warning that's out there," said Landwehr.

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