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Missouri Attorney General files charges against contractor in Morgan and Camden Counties


A Morgan and Camden County contractor is facing consumer fraud charges after an investigation by the Missouri Attorney General's Office.

Brandon Rusin of Rocky Mount, faces one count of financial exploitation of the elderly, a class C felony, and one count of deceptive business practice, a class E felony in Morgan County. In Camden County, Rusin was charged with one count of financial exploitation of the elderly, a class B felony, and two counts of deceptive business practice, a class E felony.

In Morgan County, Rusin is accused of falsely promising a homeowner that he and his company, Spencer Construction, would construct a pole barn style garage at the residence. The victim paid Rusin $22,000 but Rusin failed to complete the work, deliver materials and issue a refund.

In Camden County, Rusin is accused by two homeowners that he and his company would complete various interior and exterior home remodeling projects in exchange for upfront payments.

Officials report Rusin was paid over $73,000 and only completed partial work, failed to deliver materials, and failed to respond to consumer inquiries regarding their projects.

One alleged victim paid over $46,000 but was left with an uninhabitable residence after Rusin demolished her home and failed to return and finish the work.

Missouri Attorney General's Office charged Rusin in May 2020 with unlawful merchandising practices. This charge alleges Rusin and his company at the time, Custom Homes and Remodeling LLC., would remodel a master bath and laundry room with an upfront payment of $4,300. The charge alleges Rusin did a small amount of demolition work but left without completing the work or a refund.

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