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North Callaway School District responds to bullying claims after student’s death

North Callaway Thunderbirds
North Callaway Thunderbirds


The North Callaway School District sent a letter to parents Monday night regarding the recent death of a student.

In the letter, the district said any death is tragic, but several social media posts are incorrectly claiming the district doesn't have a bullying policy. The district added that its policy defines bullying and outlines what it does to stop it.

The North Callaway School District is responding to bullying claims after the recent death of a student.

The letter goes on to say other posts claim another student bullied the deceased student. The district said the students did have a fight at football practice and they were both disciplined consistent with the high schools disciplinary code. The letter said the fight was mutually participated in and happened two and a half weeks before the students death. It added that the fight did not appear to be related to the loss of life.

The district asked everyone to let the Callaway County Sheriff's Department finish their investigation out of respect for family and students.

A previous version of this story incorrectly reported the deceased student was bullied. It has since been corrected.

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