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DEFENDERS: Scammers target Amazon users ahead of Prime Day



Days before Amazon Prime Day, the Better Business Bureau is warning Amazon users about scammers trying to steal your personal information.

In a news release, the BBB says the scammer will call you and if you answer a recorded message will play. The message claims there is a problem with Amazon account. The goal of message is to try and get more of your personal information. In some instances, they will ask for remote access to your computer to "help solve the issue."

To make matters even more tricky, the con artists are spoofing other organizations' phone numbers to help disguise their calls to try and gain credibility. One of the phone numbers scammers have used is the BBB's.

How to spot this scam:

  • Be skeptical of email and unsolicited calls
  • Ignore unsolicited messages that ask for personal information
  • Ignore calls for immediate action
  • Beware of requests to pay via wire transfer, prepaid debit card or CashApp
  • Report it to Amazon

Amazon's Prime Day is October 13-14th.

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Deborah Kendrick

Deborah is a weekday evening anchor and investigative reporter for ABC 17 News.


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