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Two more Columbia bars asked to submit new operational plans

The Shot Bar and Silverball in downtown Columbia.
The Shot Bar and Silverball in downtown Columbia.


Two Columbia bars must submit new operational plans to the Columbia/Boone County Department of Public Health and Human Services. However, unlike some other local businesses, Silverball and the Shot Bar did not have their operating permits suspended.

On Friday and Saturday night, PHHS inspectors ran compliance checks for four Boone County bars. Room 38 and Pressed were found to be in compliance with the COVID-19 health order.

  • The Shot Bar: Groups were not socially distanced.
  • Silverball: At least three groups with more than 10 people in each.

Shot Bar owner Ben Monsees said two tables made it difficult to distance groups at least 6 feet away. Monsees ended up removing some barstools to make distancing easier, per the inspectors' suggestions.

"Nobody was standing, and everyone was wearing their masks appropriately, but the inspector felt that we needed a little more distance between the tables," Monsees said.

Kala Tomka, the environmental public health supervisor for PHHS, said the health department would suspend a permit for issues such as no social distancing, numerous customers up and walking around without masks on, numerous groups with more than 10 people or not following the approved operational plans.

"We realize the compliance inspections are a snapshot in time," Tomka said. "We really do try to provide education when we can and permit suspension is a last resort."

When ABC 17 News asked Tomka why some operating permits were suspended for violating the health order while some were not, she cited the different violations at La Siesta, Room 38 and Nash Vegas for their previous suspensions.

"Silverball had previously submitted an operational plan, we had some followup questions that they had not answered and needed to be answered," Tomka said. "Shot Bar was told to submit an operational plan if they want to have bar seating."

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Molly Stawinoga

Molly Stawinoga is ABC 17’s weekday morning anchor and a reporter at ABC 17 News. Molly joined the news team in 2017 while studying political science, journalism and Spanish at the University of Missouri. She is originally from DeKalb, Illinois.


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  1. My experience with inspectors, of all types, is that they will find exactly enough violations to justify their employment. Too few, and they’re not doing their job. Too many and they are properly labeled tyrants. Just right, and not enough complain about the tyranny for any action to be taken.

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