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Mold, contaminated soda lids found at Columbia Wendy’s

Wendy's off Bernadette Drive in Columbia, Mo.
ABC 17 News
Wendy's off Bernadette Drive in Columbia, Mo.


Inspectors found "contamination" on soda lid cups at a Columbia fast-food restaurant last month.

Wendy's (Bernadette Drive): 1/24, all critical violations were corrected by a follow-up inspection on 1/27.

  • Two critical violations: Mold in the ice machine and soda cup lids were showing signs of contamination from a potential fluid line leak.
  • Four non-critical violations: Mold found behind wallpaper in the lobby, a potential leak in drainage pipe, dust accumulation on the ground fan near burger patty holding and missing exhaust vents above the fryer.

ABC 17 News contacted Wendy's and the call was directed to Hamra Enterprises, which represents Wendy's.

"We take this extremely serious," said Eve Metheny, director of brand marketing for Wendy's. "All of the mentioned violations have been taken care of and all precautions have been made."

Charley's Steakery: 1/24

  • Two critical violations: Missing hand towels and a sanitizer test kit. The inspection report also said that the inspector informed the manager that, "employees showing signs of sickness should not be at work."

Cedarhurst of Columbia: 1/24

  • Three critical violations: Raw beef stored above ready-to-eat food, meat cutter was dirty with food debris and towels were missing at a handwashing sink for the waitress station.

Break Time (Conley): 1/27. No violations were reported in a follow-up inspection on 1/29.

  • 1/27 - Three critical violations: Missing towels and soap at a handwashing sink. The sink was also used for other purposes than washing hands.

Break Time (East Broadway): 1/27

  • Three critical violations: Missing soap and towels at a handwashing sink and the handwashing sink was used for other purposes than hand washing. The inspection note also said there should be a manager certification by the next inspection.

IHOP: 1/27

  • Two critical violations: Cleaning solutions and employee drinks improperly stored next to sugar packets and in a cooler. Wiping cloths were stored on the counter and not in the sanitizer solution.

Petro Mart (St. Charles Road): 1/31

  • Two critical violations: Pork fritters were not properly labeled and there was not a test kit to test sanitation concentration.

Moser's (Rangeline Street): 1/23

  • One critical violation: Dented cans.
  • Two non-critical violations: Walk-in cooler door in the deli does not close properly and there was water standing on the floor behind the meat-cutting room. The inspection report said both non-critical violations will need to be corrected by the next routine inspection in May.

Five Guys Burgers & Fries (North Stadium Boulevard): 1/28

  • One critical violation: Hamburger patties in a cooler were not at the proper temperature of 41 degrees or below. The inspection note said the patties were moved to another cooler at the time of the inspection.
  • One non-critical violation: Outlet in disrepair.

The Grind (John Gary): 2/3

  • One critical violation: Unlabeled sanitizer buckets and bottle.
  • One non-critical violation: Chipped plates were in use.

Great Circle: 2/3

  • One critical violation: Raw beef stored above ready-to-eat food.
  • One non-critical violation: Food on the floor of the walk-in cooler.

Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin Robbins (Rangeline Street): 1/28

  • One critical violation: Sanitizer bucket sitting in the handwashing sink.
  • One non-critical violation: No thermometer in the left drink cooler.

McDonald's (North Stadium Boulevard): 1/30. A follow-up inspection on 2/3 showed the critical violation was corrected.

  • One critical violation: Reach-in cooler under the iced coffee machine was not maintaining a temperature of 41 degrees or below.
  • One non-critical violation: Employees without food handler cards.

Break Time (Old 63 South): 1/24

  • One critical violation: Unlabeled spray bottle. The inspection report said this violation was corrected and a label was put on the bottle during the inspection.

Starbucks (Broadway Bluffs): 1/28, follow-up was scheduled for 1/31, an update has not been released.

  • One critical violation: Dishwashing sanitizer was not at the correct concentration level.

Break Time (Henry Clay Boulevard): 1/23 and 1/30

  • One critical violation during Jan. 23 inspection: Open display reach-in cooler was not maintaining a temperature of 41 degrees or below at the time of re-inspection. According to the inspection report, "All food product was removed from open display reach-in cooler at storefront. If open display reach-in cooler is not maintaining a temperature of 41 degrees or below at time of next re-inspection, then a re-inspection fee of $110 will be assessed to the establishment."
  • 1/30 re-inspection: All violations had been corrected at the time of the re-inspection.

Subway (Nifong Boulevard): 1/29

  • One non-critical violation: Employees' coats were improperly stored on the top of soda machine storage racks.

Moser's Grocery/Meat: 1/23

  • One critical violation: Dented cans were being sold for a reduced price. This violation was corrected at the site, according to the inspection report.

Jefferson Middle School: 1/30

  • One critical violation: Ice scoop stored in the handwashing sink next to the ice machine.

Pickleman's (West Broadway): 1/22

  • Three non-critical violations: Dust build-up on fan covers and blades in a cooler and the dining area. Ice build-up on water line and the floor.

Pizza Hut (Nifong Boulevard): 1/31

  • Two non-critical violations: Handwashing sink water did not reach the proper temperature and there was not a label on oil stored on the preparation table.

Five Guys Burgers & Fries (East Broadway): 1/24, the violation was corrected by the follow-up inspection on 1/28.

  • One non-critical violation: Employees working without food handler cards.

Taco Bell (Smiley Lane): 1/28

  • One non-critical violation: Cutting board has scoring and ridges, which means it can no longer be effectively cleaned and sanitized. The inspection note also said shelving next to an oven had chipping paint and should be repaired or replaced.

Clover's Natural Foods (East Broadway): 1/30

  • One non-critical violation: Ice build-up in the walk-in cooler.

Break Time (Forum Boulevard): 1/27

  • One non-critical violation: Employee drinks in the walk-in cooler were stored with merchandise.

West Boulevard Elementary School: 1/30

  • One non-critical violation: Peeling paint behind shelves in a storage area.

Landmark Hospital: 1/31

  • One non-critical violation: An employee's jacket and backpack were stored on a shelf in a storage area.

Eateries without any violations at the time of the inspection:

  • Billiard's on Broadway: 1/27
  • Break Time: 1/24
  • Cajun Crab House: 1/28, violation corrected from 1/14 inspection.
  • Cedar Ridge Elementary: 1/31
  • Clover's Natural Market: 1/23, the inspection note said, "Discussed policy on dented cans and when they should be returned or thrown away."
  • Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steak Burgers (South Providence Road): 1/23
  • Jade's Preschool and Daycare: 1/29, the inspection note said the dishwasher is out of service.
  • Jersey Mike's Subs (Grindstone Parkway): 1/29, the inspection note said the inspector "discussed updating food cards and having a manager present with serve safe certification."
  • KFC (Buttonwood Drive): 1/27, a complaint about a sewage smell in the women's bathroom sparked this inspection. According to the inspection report, "There was a sewage smell observed in the women’s restroom. The manager informed the inspector that a company has been called to look into the issue."
  • MOD Pizza (Conley Road): 1/24
  • Moser's Deli/Bakery (Ashland): 1/23
  • Ramada: 1/24
  • Small Cakes: 1/24
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