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Columbia man goes on naked rampage of attempted rape, assault

A Columbia man is charged with seven felonies including attempted rape and assault after a naked rampage through several businesses Wednesday night.

According to court documents, this all started at the La Quinta Inn on I-70 after 37-year-old Justin Miller assaulted and attempted to rape a juvenile girl.

Miller, who was staying at the hotel exposed himself to the girl who was in a elevator of the hotel.

Minutes later, court documents say Miller spotted the girl on the second floor of the hotel forcing her to the ground and trying to pull her clothes off.

A hotel worker heard the girl screaming in the hallway and punched Miller then pushing him off the girl.

He then left the hotel, crossing Stadium Blvd. completely naked and went to Taco Bell, that is where court documents say he assaulted another woman in her truck.

Christian Tyler, an employee at Taco Bell says he heard a woman screaming in the drive-thru.

Tyler says, "Then I look and the dude is in the car like he's hitting the girl."

Tyler says one of his co-workers tried to chased Miller down before police arrived. He says, as he was leaving work the woman was still there and was upset.

"I saw her out here, she was just she was crying and stuff they said she was bruised up pretty badly on the face an I believe it I saw it with my own eyes." Tyler said.

Upon leaving Taco Bell, Miller went to Petro-Mart next door to Taco Bell where police found him. He then ran from police crossing Bernadette Drive and was arrested In the Culver's parking lot.

According to court documents, Miller was not armed.

He does have a lengthy criminal record starting back in 2006. In this case he is charged with, attempted rape, child molestation, second-degree assault, sexual abuse, sexual misconduct, fourth-degree assault and resisting arrest.

He is in the Boone County Jail on the $1,000,000 bond.

Erika McGuire


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