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Columbia man charged after running naked inside business


A Columbia man is charged with several crimes after police say he ran inside a business naked on Bernadette Dr. on Wednesday.

A Boone County prosecutor has charged Justin Miller, 37, with rape or attempted rape, child molestation, assault, sexual abuse, sexual misconduct, assault and resisting arrest.

Employees at Culver's, Taco bell and Petro-Mart saw the incident happen.

An employee at Culver's said Miller had no shirt on prior to coming to the restaurant. He then took his pants off outside the door and ran around inside the restaurant.

A customer threw his clothes at him and pushed him out the door.

Employees say Miller came back to Culver's again and then ran across Bernadette Dr. to Petro-Mart where he was arrested.

Culver's did decide to close an hour early Wednesday night due to the incident and to keep customers safe.

One man said his son was in the Taco Bell drive-thru on Bernadette Dr. Wednesday night and says Miller was trying to get into his son's vehicle and was banging on the doors.

Miller was not armed.

This isn't the first time Miller has been in trouble. He's been in and out and prison fives time over the past 15 years.

Between 2006 and 2013 Miller was arrested various times for gun and drug-related charges.

In 2020, he was arrested again and charged in three different cases on similar gun and drug crimes. He had a warrant out for his arrest for those charges after failing to appear in court in December.

He is currently being held without bond in the Boone County Jail.

Erika McGuire



  1. Why wasn’t it mentioned that he attacked that lady in the Taco Bell drive thru when he climbed in her truck? Or that he tried to attack customers in the petro parking lot?

  2. Maybe this guy is just breaking bad and that’s why he took off all his clothes. There is a little more to this story. From the police scanner:

    8:35 pm, Dispatch: “Boone County, all officers prepare to copy, asault just occurred… Asault that just occurred at LaQuinta Inn, 2500 I-70 Drive SW. Asaulted multiple units and then left on foot headed towards Dillard’s. Suspect is going to be a black male, wearing no shirt…”

    The suspect was trying to get into a vehicle that was not his. Always keep your doors locked in your car.

    Dispatch: “We are also getting information that there is a disturbance of transients… at Stadium and Bernadette. It may not be related. Looks like a couple of transients are fighting over a sign.”

    Dispatch: “Apparently, the disturbance at Stadium and Bernadette is related. Looks like this suspect is a naked male, black…Apparently he was trying to fight a white female over a sign.” I wonder if the suspect told the white female to get a job?

    8:30 pm, “Looks like suspect is now in the parking lot of Marshalls.” Officers enroute request a third unit for backup.

    “The suspect is outside now running towards Taco Bell.” Radio Channel 2 is restricted.

    Officers observe the suspect running towards Commerce Bank and take him into custody. Officers are sent to Culvers to see if the suspect asaulted anyone there.

    Officer to Dispatch: “I am arrival at Culvers. We do have one who was asaulted. I will be inside with him.” Other officers go to La Quinta to see if anyone needs EMS over there.

    What happened to the three strikes law? Thank you liberal judges who keep letting people like this out of prison to further insult society.

    At 8:44 pm, unrelated, but typical for Columbia, Dispatch: alert tones, “Shots fired, 14XX Meredith Drive, caller is advising he yelled (get off my lawn) at children to leave his property. They did but shot out his window when they left…Suspects left in a gold Grand Marquess (I am not making this up – no word on the size of the rims) with three or four teenagers. Unknown direction of travel on Scott Blvd.” Damn kids these days.

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