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Insider Blog: Wake up and look up; why you may want to be awake before sunrise at least once in April

April sky may give you reasons to wake up early the rest of the month, that's if you like interesting astronomical features that don't really bear much significance otherwise. 

I'm talking about a conjunction, but what is that? It's when at least two celestial bodies, being a planet or a moon come together from our vantage point here on earth, and stay relatively close to each other in the Earth's night sky.

Actually starting a few days ago, the conjunction will take us to the end of April. Here at the beginning of April, we've seen Venus, Saturn, and Mars come together.

That's where we are now, but later this month we'll add Jupiter to the mix. By the time we get to the latter half of April, and especially the last week of April, Jupiter will rise higher in the sky and come together with Venus. Meanwhile, we're starting to see Mars and Saturn exit the picture.

Still, we will see Jupiter and Venus coming together to form a brighter light in the eastern sky. So look up into the eastern sky before sunrise each morning, and by the end of the month we should have some interesting viewing opportunities. 

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