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Prosecution expected to continue questioning witnesses in Lynlee Renick murder trial

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On Tuesday, the prosecution is expected to continue questioning witnesses in the murder trial of Lynlee Renick.

Renick is accused of killing her husband, world-renowned snake breeder, Ben Renick on the couple's Montgomery County property on June 8, 2017.

Benjamin "Ben" Renick
Undated photo of Benjamin "Ben" Renick.

Case Background

Lynlee Renick is charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action.

Ben Renick owned a snake breeding business. He was in the process of selling the business to a professional hockey player for $1.2 million. Lynlee owned a spa in Columbia that was facing thousands of dollars of debt, according to court records.

Prosecutors say Lynlee shot her husband over financial issues and believed Ben had the means to take away their children.

Lynlee claims Ben was an abusive husband but says she didn't kill him.

Dec. 6 - Start of Lynlee Renick Murder Trial

Opening statements were presented to the jury on Monday. The prosecution called multiple witnesses to the stand, including Lynlee Renick's ex-boyfriend, Michael Humphrey, who was recently convicted for his part in Ben's death.

Michael Humphrey

Humphrey was convicted in October of first-degree murder and armed criminal action.

After Humphrey's conviction, the prosecution started working with him. On Monday, he testified and said Lynlee Renick shot her husband.

The prosecution also claims they recently found what they believe is the weapon used in the shooting. The defense claims Humphrey was the only one responsible for the killing and is trying to save himself by placing the blame on Lynlee.

In exchange for working with the prosecution, Humphrey is expected to get a shorter sentence.

On Monday, Ashley Shaw, who worked for Lynlee at her Columbia spa, testified Lynlee told her Ben had abused her and she helped Lynlee to poison Ben with painkillers before he died.

Shaw said Lynlee was the one who shot and killed Ben.

Shaw reached a deal with prosecutors to testify against Lynlee and will not be charged in the murder of Ben Renick.

The trial is expected to resume Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. at the Boone County Courthouse.

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