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QUESTION OF THE DAY: Should universities be made to comply with the federal vaccine mandate?

The University of Missouri campus
ABC 17 News
The University of Missouri campus

University of Missouri System officials announced they're working with federal and state officials to navigate conflicting policies on vaccine mandates.

At the federal level, Executive Order 14042 directs organizations with federal contracts to follow new workplace protocols that would require vaccination and mask mandates for covered faculty, staff and student employees by Dec. 8, with a few exemptions.

On Oct. 27, attorneys general from 21 states, including Missouri, submitted a letter to President Biden objecting to the order’s broad provisions that leave government contractors “little choice but to require their entire workforce be vaccinated.” The letter requests that the order be halted. Gov. Mike Parson also issued Executive Order 21-10 last week regarding the federal vaccine mandates.

So, should universities be required to comply with the federal vaccine mandate?

Karl Wehmhoener


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