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Jefferson City council to meet to discuss redistricting Plan

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Jefferson City Council will meet Monday at 6 p.m. to discuss more details on future redistricting plans with a new substitute option. The substitute option was proposed by a council member.

The new redistricting plans come after the 10-year decennial census has shown population growth. The substitute option will greatly affect districts one, two, four, and five by adding a collective of 625 people to districts one and two and moving another 606 people to other districts. 

The city council has four additional options for redistricting. They decided on September 20th that option one would be the preferred option. 

  • Option 1 – Moderate population shift; prioritizes correcting current neighborhood splits. 
  • Option 2 – Minimal population shift; prioritizes minimal boundary changes.
  • Option 3 – Maximizes the population shift from Ward 4 to plan for likely future growth.
  • Option 4 – Maximizes the population shift from Ward 4 while equalizing other wards.

People can view all four options and the new substitute option online. Tonight's city council's meeting agenda is available online.

The city council has yet to make a definite choice on which redistrict option they will use and an answer will come at a later time.

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