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An increase in bicyclist causes some safety concerns


Drivers sharing the road with bicycle riders have increased here in Columbia.

According to the Missouri Crash Map, within the last year, ten bike crashes have taken place; nine of the crashes resulted in personal injury.

Nate Smith works at Tryathletics, a bike shop in Columbia, Missouri. Smith says it is a two-way street for the peddlers and motorists.

"You always have to be aware as cyclist. You can't ever get comfortable it's just like as a pedestrian, you got to always be defensive", said Smith.

Smith added that it's becoming more common to see people with a headlight on their bike even during the day. The headlight can make riders more noticeable to drivers.

Another local bike shop owner feels the City of Columbia has made many upgrades to give cyclists somewhere to ride. Cyclex Hop owner Brian Kukla says the city is doing a good job for cyclists but more can be done in more areas of the city.

"Certain parts of town that are awsome bike lanes, full bike lanes, good visibility things like that but then there are other parts of town that are still really far behind and lacking "

Kukla added that the north and northeast parts of Columbia need more attention. These areas have higher speed limits but, fewer bike lanes and visibility for drivers.

Cyclist Seth A. Honeyman was hit by Lisa Clark on North Garth Ave Sunday morning. The victim was taken to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Columbia police are still investigating the case and no new information about the victim has been released.

Joushua Blount

Joushua Blount hails from Cleveland, Ohio and has a bachelor’s degree in media communications from the University of Toledo. He also has a master’s degree from the University Of Alabama. Roll Tide!



  1. “Kukla added that the north and northeast parts of Columbia need more attention.” But won’t get it, because that’s where the poor folks live. They don’t pay enough taxes.

  2. As long as cyclists fail to stop at stop signs or red lights, yield to oncoming traffic, and turn without signaling their intent, accidents will continue to occur. Cyclists do not have the right of way; they are supposed to follow the rules of the road. That being said, every driver should be aware and respectful of cyclists.

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