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SATURDAY UPDATES: Seventeen new Covid-19 related deaths recorded

The state now has a seven day positivity rate of 14.7% on Saturday. The charge in positivity comes along with 2,045 additional confirmed cases bringing the total to 569,796 since the start of pandemic.

Health officials also recorded 733 new probable cases with a total number of 109,785 antigen test results being positive.

Seventeen new deaths were recorded Saturday. DHSS has recorded a total of 9,667 deaths in the state since the start of the virus.

The state dashboard says new cases are up by 10% over the past seven days. The positivity rate remained consistent in that same time, while tests are up 10.4%. 

In the state's healthcare system, 1,916 people are dealing with COVID-19 infections. Of those, 570 are in the ICU and 276 are on ventilators.

Saturday numbers show that 48% of Missouri residents have gotten at least one dose of coronavirus vaccine. For Missourians 18 and older that number is at 58.9% and 30.9% for those ages 12 to 17.

In total, 5,304,794 of the vaccine have been put into the arms of residents in the Show-Me State. In the past 7 days, the average daily doses given was 13,098.

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  1. All these statistics sourced from PCR test results. A test the CDC has declared not up to the task. One reason being it does not distinguish COVID from any other corona virus, such as those commonly causing influenza and the common cold. Now we know why influenza disappeared last winter. It got converted to COVID. Not to mention the PCR test is easily manipulated to produce whatever results are desired. Want to get more people to take the vaccine? Just increase the cycles used in the test, and you get a lot of false positives to scare people with.

  2. Sunday, Day 503 of 14 days to flatten the curve. CDC used a study from India to come up with the notion that even vaccinated people must mask up. That study has since been removed. There are many studies that show that the vaccinated are not as contagious as the unvaccinated. We also know that nearly everyone in the hospital, with covid, is unvaccinated. Why would the government have an interest in putting out such a mixed message? This heavy handed approach will almost certainly discourage many from getting vaccinated. What are we doing?

    1. By the vigorous application of censorship, which is now common place, one can produce whatever conclusions one wishes. “There are many studies that show that the vaccinated are not as contagious as the unvaccinated. We also know that nearly everyone in the hospital, with covid, is unvaccinated.” Because any study concluding differently is pitched in the trash. Which means we don’t “know” squat, because we are not allowed to examine contrary evidence and conclusions. Unless we are willing to dig, like I am.

  3. Has the mortality rate increased, or fallen since the initial surge? And how do the current rates of infection compare between those who have been vaccinated and those who have not? This would be more useful information than just the number of positive test results, if the goal is to encourage more people to get the vaccine and not further damage the economy with shutdowns and mandates.

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