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More people continue to get vaccinated at outreach clinics across Mid-Missouri


Around 20 doses were given out Wednesday at the food truck roundup in Columbia today, and although these are not the numbers that were being vaccinated at former mass vaccination sights, vaccinators say that every dose counts.

"Every person counts, that is one less person that can contract Covid," said Nurse Taylor Knoth with the Columbia/Boone County Health Department as she gave out doses to those attending the food truck roundup.

Sara Humm with the health department added that the goal of outreach is to make the vaccine as easily accessible for people as possible and will continue to do so as long as the demand shows.

Humm provided data from recent outreach events in Columbia. In two weekends of the Show-Me State Games, 150 vaccinations were given. At the Boone County Fair last week, 76 doses were given out in four days.

"Really now the focus is reaching people who have barriers to access and making sure we have opportunities available still for folks who are maybe hesitant and have questions. We want to answer their questions and have availability for them to get vaccinated," Humm said.

Dalton Gillig received his single dose of Johnson and Johnson at the food truck roundup. Gillig said he traveled an hour to Columbia from Hermann to get his shot because there was no where closer for him to go.

"I couldn't find anywhere in Hermann that offered Johnson and Johnson. I figured now is the time to get my vaccine because I am planning to travel soon," said Gillig.

When asked why he has waited until now to get vaccinated, Gillig answered that he was getting mixed information when it came to making the decision.

Health officials believe the access to the vaccine in the county, has resulted in higher numbers. Boone County has the largest percentage of county residents in Mid-Missouri that have received at least one dose of the vaccine with 52.9%

Cole County is also making efforts to extend vaccine accessibility. Kristi Campbell with the Cole County Health Department said, "The Community Health Center of Central MO is doing a lot of outreach with their mobile vaccine clinic at the food pantry locations and area churches.  We have heard from all the organizations that vaccinations are increasing over last month."

Cole County has the second-highest first vaccination rate in Mid-Missouri with 44.3%.

Campbell said at the first night of the Jefferson City Jaycees Fair on Monday, six doses were given out, but they do plan on continuing to vaccine people throughout the week.

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