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Many in Columbia are asking for health orders to return, while others still oppose


As COVID-19 cases continue to surge in the month of July, many have begun to put masks back on in Boone County.

According to the county's COVID-19 Dashboard, Boone County has had 525 new cases from Monday, July 19 to Friday, July 23.

Boone County's five day average also peaked 84.2 cases on July 16, the highest number the county has seen since January 22.

Boone County's COVID-19 Dashboard, showing the recent spikes throughout the month of July.

This also comes as Missouri still lags behind in vaccination among its residents, with only 40.8% of Missourians completing vaccination according to the state's website.

With the increase in cases, many in Columbia are asking for health orders and mask mandates to return. Audrey Thomas, who had just attended the Boone County Fair, says the amount of people she saw in close proximity was a wake up call.

Thomas said, "It is scary, especially when the numbers are getting worse so I think masks would be a good thing.” The Boone County resident went further saying, "I definitely think that we should wear masks again until it gets under control and I will wear a mask until it does even if I am vaccinated which I am.”

Kristen Carranza, says she contracted Dysautonomia from a virus when she was young making mask wearing vital. Carranza says she lives in pain every day of her life and mentioned that she's seen some long COVID-19 patients contract the same condition.

When asked why it's important to wear a mask, Carranza said, "When I see people kind of upset at the inconvenience for wearing a mask, your life is going to be a lot more inconvenienced if you contract this virus and have a long term or perhaps chronic disability because of it.”

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  1. Boone County’s five-day average peaked at 84.2 on July 16, 2021, the highest five-day average since Jan.22, 2021. On Jan. 22, 2021, health orders, restrictions and mask mandates were firmly in place.
    With numbers as they are now, reinstating health orders and the mask mandate is the only reasonable, responsible thing to do.
    The unvaccinated don’t care if they are infected with Covid and they certainly don’t care if they infect anyone else, vaccinated, unvaccinated children or a fellow anti-vaxxer.

  2. The PCR test that drives these statistics has been discredited by both the WHO and the CDC, which will not seek to continue its Emergency Use Authorization after the end of this year. The number of cycles used in the test has a direct bearing on the number of false positives. More cycles, more false positives. This has been manipulated from the start for propaganda purposes. For more than a year the WHO, CCDC, and FDA were recommending 40 cycles, knowing full well this would generate enormous numbers of false positives.

  3. Those that want masks should by all means mask up. Many got vaccinated and should not be required to mask. Vaccinated people and those with natural immunity are not filling up hospitals. The best way to stop people from wanting to get vaccinated is to force the vaccinated to continue to mask up as if vaccines don’t work. How many have died from covid in Boone County lately? 2 since May. Boone County has a high vaccination rate and a low rate of hospitalization. So maybe we should quit trying to force the vaccinated and those with natural immunity to wear masks. Masks didn’t control the virus the last time around and it won’t this time.

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