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SUNDAY UPDATES: Missouri Covid-19 positivity rate continues upward trend

Missouri Department of Health and Human Services

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services reported the state's positivity rate as 6.7% on Sunday.

The increase in positivity comes along with an additional 368 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, bringing the total to 518,966.

The state also added 140 probable cases of the virus to the dashboard Sunday. In total, 91,535 probable cases of COVID-19 were discovered through antigen testing.

No new deaths were added Sunday. DHSS has recorded a total of 9,230 deaths in the state since the start of the virus.

The state dashboard says new cases are up by about 20.1% over the past seven days. The positivity rate has jumped 1.4 percentage points in that same time, while tests are down 7.9%. 

In the state's healthcare system, 783 people are dealing with COVID-19 infections. Of those, 177 are in the ICU and 79 are on ventilators.

Just over 43.5% of Missouri residents have gotten at least one dose of coronavirus vaccine. For Missourians 18 and older that number is at 54%.

In total, 4,839,343 of the vaccine have been put into the arms of residents in the Show-Me State. In the past 7 days, the average daily doses given was 10,164.

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  1. Testing was reduced. Which most likely means more testing of those with symptoms than those without. Which means the positivity rate will increase. Duh!
    “For Missourians 18 and older that number is at 54%.”
    Those UNDER 18 should not be given vaccines at all. They suffer very little risk from this virus, but DO suffer the adverse events associated with the vaccine, which just so happen to exceed all other vaccines combined for the last 10 years at least.

  2. Perhaps others have noticed that in spite of increased “cases”, there appears to be no corresponding increase in deaths, or such would have been published here. Who cares how many cases, if very few are dying? This is the normal evolution of a virus. To spread more easily, and not destroy its transmission vector, as in kill its host. The fewer hosts it kills, the more widely it spreads. Such is the nature of the most successful parasite.

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