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Heat precautions being advised during outdoor events as temperatures near record highs


Temperatures are near record high making outdoor event coordinators advise people attending to make sure they are taking heat safety precautions.

In Downtown Jefferson City, an outdoor concert series and street party is taking place Thursday night. The event takes place in the 200 block of High Street from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Angela Nale, coordinator of the event, said the event is lucky enough to be near many businesses along the streets of downtown Jefferson City if people do need to escape the heat. "All of our bars and restaurants are open so people can go inside and cool off a little bit," said Nale.

Nale said the Jefferson City Fire Department and the Jefferson City Police will be at the event to be able to tend to any heat-related issues.

Ryan Carrender, captain of Jefferson City Fire Department, said people drinking alcohol at the event should be cautious.

"A cold beer when it's hot outside, everybody likes that, but alcohol does cause dehydration quicker as does heat, so mixing the two will cause your body to dehydrate even quicker," said Carrender.

Nale is advising people that are attending the event to make sure they hydrate beforehand. "With this heat, alcohol is not always your friend. When you're having an alcoholic drink just make sure you're drinking a glass or bottle of water in between beverages," said Nale.

Business owners have stands along the street. Mitch Rodiman, bar manager at J Pfenny's, said people are welcome to go inside the bar and grill and escape the heat.

Rodiman also said they have free waters to provide to people in order to make sure people are staying safe while drinking.

After a year of businesses suffering through the pandemic, Nale said it is important for them to bring events back to the area.

"Even with the temperatures, it is important. The whole purpose of Thursday Night Live is to benefit our businesses in Downtown Jefferson City so we can't cancel because we really want our businesses to benefit," said Nale.

"It's good for everyone. It's good for the businesses in downtown. It's good for the community. It's good for the entertainment to get back out playing in front of people again," said Rodiman.

Rose Music Hall held an outdoor event Wednesday night and will hold an event Friday night at 7:00 p.m. when temperatures will still be in the mid-90s.

Mike Nolan, owner of the venue, said there are water jugs available or bottles for purchase. He also encourages people to bring in refillable water bottles.

Nolan said with the event being at seven, that is around the time that the sun dips behind the building which will help cool off the area.

Carrender said Friday will be even hotter than Thursday so people should continue to take heat precautions while attending outdoor events.

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