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Missouri shifts to local vaccine focus as state National Guard completes drawdown

Missouri shifts to local vaccine focus as state National Guard completes drawdown


Missouri's National Guard is set to complete scaling back its help at vaccination sites across the state Tuesday.

This comes as demand for the COVID-19 vaccine has significantly decreased in recent weeks.

As of Tuesday, 74,939 vaccines had been administered in the last 7 days. Since the state began vaccinations, 4,538,144 doses have been administered.

The drawdown started in May and is set to finish Tuesday.

According to a press release from the office of Governor Mike Parson, other organizations such as AmeriCorps, FEMA vaccinators, and the Missouri Disaster Medical Assistance Team, will assist as needed with assignments previously filled by the Missouri National Guard.

Missouri National Guard members will continue helping teams in St. Louis and and Kansas City, continue helping staff the COVID-19 hotline and assisting state food banks.

As fewer Missourians are getting out to be vaccinated, the state is beginning to shift its vaccine operations to the local health departments.

The Cole County Health Department continues to offer vaccines at the Capital Mall.

While Columbia/Boone County Public Health and Health and Human Services plans to continue offering a handful of vaccination sites starting Wednesday.

Vaccinators ordered just under 3,000 vaccine doses last week, which is a stark difference to the 57,000 delivered during one week in April.

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  1. Looks like all the true believers have joined in the medical experiment called vaccination. Which leaves the skeptical, and the seekers of truth, who aren’t so eager to take a vaccine that has had no testing for long term safety at all. The evidence that the vaccinated will remain safe two years from now is exactly the same as the evidence they will all be dead. There is none.

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